Beauty – The Seed.

Antonio Corradini


feral beauty
animal and tameless
a fleshly brute that ruins me delicately

and You

You could buy the things
told to You of beauty
and daub them on
wear each trinket with precision
You could meticulously limn out a million faces
each one different
more alluring than the last

but why?

when so undraped as this
without a word
without a gesture
without oppression
You fling effort against the brink
and pull Your skin across my eyes
soaking me in the salve of Your symmetry and shapeliness

i’ve theories, speeches,
i’ve cause for what defines You
all instinct and implement
proof and conjecture

i even defy Baudelaire,
it is me who dares to separate You from your dress
for Beauty in nude does cause more pleasure

but tonight,
dared by You,
confounded by Actual,
they seem mere excuses
meager attempts
to describe You to me

because You already know
and get a little bit bored
that i lap it all up without resting
raking with both hands
and slamming into my eyes
all and every of the slightest of You
breathing Beauty
sucking endless draughts of the stuff
jealous of my own lungs

exhaling excuses again
weakly worshipping
in my own insufficiency

and tonight,
You seem but a shard of it all
a glimpse
a spark to the sun
and yet all of history is inadequate
to utter You even once

quite simply
i find
that You are Beautiful


From, The Seed

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