52 Days of Beauty

It’s that time of year again. July 18 – Sept 7, the season of Venus Invidia (Beauty/Envy) when we turn our focus to all that is Beautiful.

Once again, I’m encouraging you to participate in  “52 Days of Beauty”.

The concept is simple:

From July 18 to Sept 7 commit a little time each day to notice, reflect on, share and even create Beauty. You can share on social media with the hashtag #52DaysOfBeauty so we can celebrate you.

Feed yourself. Gorge yourself to overflowing with Beauty. I know it doesn’t always seem like there’s any out there, but believe me – there is. A lot of It. Once you start feeding yourself, and others, with Beauty, you’ll find It in the most interesting places. It really is all around you. You have relationships with Beauty and Beautiful things and people that you’ve probably taken for granted. Now is the time to reconnect with them. And find new ones!

Here’s the thing. We all have miseries. It is the one thing we share in common without even trying. Miserable things happen to all of us. But life is about miseries AND splendors. We can share splendors, create splendors, indulge in splendors. Miseries are easy. Splendors must be striven for.

Let’s flood our lives, if only for a little over 7 weeks, with as much Beauty as we can. The first step is to notice It. Then reflect (and maybe meditate) on It. Then share It. If and when you can – create It.

I look forward to seeing what happens.

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