Creative Inspiration/Divination

Today marks a new series to inspire you to move past creative block or challenge yourself creatively. It is meant to stimulate paths of your thought process by a unique method based on an ancient divinatory technique employed by priestesses of the Levant as far back as the 9th Century BCE. In that practice, priestesses would make prophecies based on bodily fluids, shells or bones and their arrangements upon divining boards – or even upon tattoo-like symbols traced on their own bodies.

This modern version, however, is not fortune-telling or prophecy. It is simply a way to spark thoughts that you might not otherwise have. The readings posted here will be general in nature. If you’re interested in something much more personal, use the contact form and let us know.

Creative Inspiration/Divination 8.13.18

Season: Le Chien (July 18 – September 7)

20180813_190610Here you can see an interesting cast of the dice – both have landed on the 1 – the beginning (I swear I didn’t plan that). The Sun Die (the blue, for blue sky) denotes the Vice of “Pride”. The Moon Die (black, for night sky) – also on four – denotes the Virtue of “Timing”. As we are in the season of “Beauty/Envy”, this is a great place to begin. Together they add (and reduce) to 2 – the 2nd Key of Cyprianism, “Mastery”, denoted by the brush and chisel. In addition, the span between them is across the 2nd key and the brush and chisel. Timing (the black die) is subservient to Pride (the blue), which lands close to the Queen’s crown and compass, protected by the Messenger’s Wings.

As Pride is the first, and foundational, Vice and Timing is the first Virtue – heed this message: SEIZE UPON THIS MOMENT. Stop waiting. The moment WILL pass if you let it. Listen quietly in meditation and you will hear the moment speaking to you. Perhaps you already hear it. It is time to answer. Grab the ring. Get on the ride. Have confidence in your decision and take Pride in finally jumping off in that direction. Don’t worry about failure. Once the juices get flowing and you commit to making it happen, the path will unfold in front of you. Even if that path says, “Nope, turn around and try something different.” This is the way to Mastery (2) – you MUST do. You MUST practice. You MUST move. You MUST try. Repetition. Muscle Memory. Ritual. Every moment that speaks to you and goes un-seized, leads to atrophy. One is the number of the heart. Listen to it. Pay special attention to Saturday and see if anything interesting enters your mind concerning your creativity.

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