Creative Inspiration/Divination 10.16.18

This week, I decided to throw a coin (100 Drachmae) in addition to the dice. It made for 20181016_181254an interesting inspiration. The full moon is a week away, which means we are in the right hand (waxing moon) of protection. The season is “Cheek” and “Anger” (fire), so keep that in mind. As you move through your Creativity, keep the fire of playfulness and satire, but also protect that it doesn’t burn the place down.

Both dice landed completely on the Feminine side of the board. Give more weight to wildness, intuition, spirit and mysticism. The night die shows ONE – TIMING, the first Virtue of the journey. She landed near Mnēsarétē (Μνησαρέτη) – the name of the Virtuous One. Phryne (Mnēsarétē) had an incredibly bold story. Cheeky indeed. And since Cheek and Anger are at the top during this season, the part of the star that points to her is Gaiety. This would be a time to encourage boldness and joy, but with a seriousness of purpose. This isn’t time to ignore the ugliness of the world, but it is a time to celebrate our contribution to its Beauty.

The night die shows SEVEN – LUST, our favorite. Though this encourages sexuality, he did not land near the frieze of “coupling angels”, but rather near the pirate ship. Sexual exploration in on order, then. Opening up your current capacity and then filling it so that it may grow again.

Together they are EIGHT, the beginning of the end of a cycle. Preparing to return home for a visit. Think about the implications of that as it pertains to your art and your life. What have you missed that needs a visit? How are you different than last time you were there? How would you like to be known by those you will encounter there.

The coin covers the head of Sofia – Knowledge – at the base of the Phidian – Masculine – column. The coin represents our gifts which we offer in transaction with Beauty’s generosity. The price we pay willingly. Be it our toil or actual riches. Spend time (and money if necessary) gaining Knowledge. Whether it pertains specifically to your artistic practice or not doesn’t matter. Putting anything worthwhile in your head will lead to inspiration.

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