What is The Current

The Current is the underlying and connective energy of the Universe.  It is the Poetic Architecture of creation and the single most important concept in Cyprianism.  It is also, however, one of the most difficult to explain. We do not have the means to codify and quantify It. Thus, for centuries, many have been satisfied … More What is The Current

Why Pursue Beauty?

Recently, my decades long optimism has been challenged so often and so soundly that it wavers. I believe in Beauty. I believe in, and endeavor to live, the Beautiful Life. A Life whose enemies exist on a continuum from tedium to the vast potential for humans to act disgustingly. These days, my life is full … More Why Pursue Beauty?

The Sutra of the Lotus Flower of the Marvelous Dharma

A dear and trusted friend, a brother really, sent this to me today. His point was solidarity between his faith and ours, a movement to prioritize Beauty over destruction, divisiveness and discord. I don’t know a lot about the sutras, but reading this brought a tear to my eye. I hope it does the same … More The Sutra of the Lotus Flower of the Marvelous Dharma

52 Days of Beauty

Today begins the season of “Venus/Invidia” (Beauty/Envy). You are challenged for the next 52 days (July 18 – September 7) to post something Beautiful at least once per day. Flood social media with images and words that embody Beauty. Creation is the answer to destruction. Unity is the answer to divisiveness.  Harmony is the answer … More 52 Days of Beauty